Constructional Detailed Planning and Key Spots Scenery Design of Langba Road Yongqing Town Section of Hebei Province

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     Langba Road Yongqing Town Section is located in Yongqing Town, Hebei province, China, with total length of about 8 kilometers and designed area of approximately 80 hectares. This project is one of the key projects for the three-year plan of Yongqing Town, and becomes one representative item to show the image of Yongqing.

     Overseeing the overall situation of the case, we consider fully the features and position of the 33.6km Langba Road of Yongqing Town, and extract the concept of “clear water, green field and eternal charm”. In space, the structure of “two belts, eight hearts and several spots” is formed: “two belts” means the winding plant belts which are designed along the two sides of Langba Road as “ecological rivers”; “eight hearts” means the key scenic spots which are designed to carry eight different cultural themes and certify the development footprint of the city; “several spots” means the small theme-based leisure spots which scatter within the scenery belts. The design greatly improves the attractiveness of scenery belts, and provides distribution and leisure space for residents to carry out different theme-based activities, which makes it the transmission ties of Yongqing culture.


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