Constructional Detailed Planning and Design of Tangshan East Lake Scenic Area

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    The East Lake Scenic Area belongs to the jurisdiction of Kaiping District in the Downtown of Tangshan. It is adjacent to Tangshan Urban Loop Line to the east, next to Tanggu Road and Yuanqu North Road to the south and close to Tangma Road and Daqing Road to the north, with the total area being 1,061.31 hectares. As the Parallel Venue of 2016 Tangshan World Horticulture Expo, the East Lake Scenic Area would focus on such a theme of the Expo as of “City and Nature, Nirvana of Phoenix”. The East Lake Parallel Venue would describe such a life style as of environment friendly, social harmony and sustainable economic development from the perspective of environment, society and economic integration and intergrowth. It is designed to realize the industrial optimization grouping and create such a world garden as of “fashionable horticulture, green environmental protection, low-carbon lifestyle and harmonious coexistence between city and nature”, to greet the arrival of the International Horticultural Exposition with the high-spirited vitality and to further create such a city-level scenic spot as integrating nature and humanity with the ecological landscape, convenient business and pleasant residence.


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