The Village Planning for Xianghongdian Village in Anhui Province Liuan City Jinzhai County Mabu Town

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     Xianghongdian village is the core producing area of Lu’an Melon Seed tea origin, which is located in the west of Anhui Lu’an City.The area of Xianghongdian Village is about 35.2 square kilometers and its construction land is about 109.51 hectares. There are totally 27 residents group, 1159 families and 4344 people in the whole village. In October 2012, the chief of the Ministry of Villages and Towns Construction of StateBuilding Department, Zhao Hui led some people to Xianghongdian Village to investigate the construction of village and then the Building Department issued notice that completing the pilot work of 2013 national villages planning.As one of the four experimental units of the village planning of poverty relief and development in Dabie Mountain, Xianghongdian Village will be planned by Yincheng International City Planning and Designing Co.,ltd and Urban Scientific Planning and Design Institute Co.,ltd.The planning, on the basis of solid and deep investigation of existing situation, oriented with problems, aiming to forge the target of “the producing areas of Lu’an Melon Seed tea, the traveling village of ecological civilization”, looks into the villager will, listens to expert opinions in wide range and makes positive communication with governments at all levels and makes organic combination of the opinions and suggestions of each side. On the one hand, the planning makesLu’an Melon Seed tea industry circular economy chain with Xianghongdian characteristics, on the other hand it sets aside enough land for industrial upgrading and development space for tea industry development and promotion. And it will renovate and transform the village environment characteristically by using the local special building materials (redstone, bamboo etc.), special vegetation (such as tea tree, bamboo, Osmanthus tree) to improve village appearance comprehensively, makingLu’an Melon Seed tea to be the core and soul of Xianghongdian Village’s “ one village one product”. In November 2013, it was checked and accepted through the village planning experimental units examine and it was rated as one of the first batch of national village planning demonstration projects.


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