Planning of the Traffic System in Nanyang Central City Cluster

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Urban-Seal International Urban Planning and Design (Beijing) Co., Ltd;Nanyang Planning and Design Institute

       Nanyang is located in the southwest part of Henan Province. As the critical path in building the important growth pole in the Central Plains Economic Zone, Nanyang needs to adopt the cluster-type development to jointly construct Nanyang Central City. Nanyang Central City Cluster includes such a region as enclosed by Tanghe county town, Fangcheng county town, Zhenping county town, Sheqi county town, Guanzhuang Work Area, Yahe Work Area, Kirin Lake and Rangdong Town within the territory of Nanyang City and its neighboring region, with the scope being about 9,852 square kilometers. The planning of the traffic system in the Central City Cluster is designed to establish such a comprehensive traffic system as coordinated with the integrated spatial and functional layout to support the realization of the spatial development strategic objectives; implement the significant traffic facilities construction projects within the region and make effective integration with the existing traffic facilities to realize the integrated development of the traffic facilities within the region; promote the construction of such traffic facilities as serving the integrated development within the region to improve the traffic operating environment within the integrated region. The planning has analyzed the problems, clarified the objectives and made the solutions from such a perspective as of “Integrated Development in the Central City Cluster”, made effective integration in respect to the related plans and strengthened the cohesion and coordination between the plans. Through the combination from the macro-scope to micro-scope, from the region to sub-regions and between the qualitation and quantitation, twelve action plans have been formulated to realize such four strategies as to strengthen the radial connection, integrate the system development, improve the hub functions and create the characteristic traffic.


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