Conceptual Planning of Jinhua New Energy Automobile Industrial Park and Urban Design of Key Sections

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      Jinhua New Energy Automobile Industrial Park is located in the south part of Jinhua Downtown between Second Ring South Road and the planned Third Ring South Road, with the planning area being 9.5 square kilometers. The core area is located in the southeast part of the New Energy Automobile Industrial Park, including the Automobile Sales Exhibition Cluster and Comprehensive Public Center, with the planning area being 1.8 square kilometers. Through the creation of the automobile cultural theme in the core area, centered on the core of such an automobile cultural theme park as including the testing and sporting racing tracks, taking the automobile culture demonstration area as the automobile culture demonstration and experience platform, relying on such 4S-shop cluster gathering the new energy and top-grade automobile brands, matched with the casual and relax commerce and residence intermixing community, and supported by the new energy and high and new technology industry, it is designed to create such a core demonstration area of the new energy automobile industrial park as of modern fashion, technological innovation and green ecology.


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