Conceptual master planning and urban design of Qingming River City

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     Qingming River City is located in the southeast of Kaifeng City, reaching Longhai Railway to the north, Majia River in the south, Dongzhakou Street in the west, and West Ring Road, Shanghe Avenue and Qingnian Road in the east. It has the planning area of 24 square kilometers. The new Qingming River City is modeled after the Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival, aims to restore historic features between verified Dongshuimen and Hongqiao in Song Dynasty, reproduce prosperity of Bianjing in Song Dynasty, and build five square kilometers of world-class historical and cultural tourist attractions. On this basis, based on cultural industry development strategy, historal, taking natural and cultural elements as the framework, Qingming River city is planned to be an integrated cultural and ecological city that has world-class cultural and tourist attractions, and combines tourism vacation, leisure and shopping, administrative culture and living as a whole. The planning shall follow the principles of integrity, ecological protection, preservation of cultural relics and sustainable development, form the structure of "one center, two axes, two belts and six areas", and build the new city as the world coordinates points of the integration of Zhengzhou and Kaifeng, exhibition of Chinese cultural essence, Kaifeng City, key place for spatial pattern optimization in Kaifeng, and the new city that has the cultural characteristics of Song Dynasty.


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