Site plan for Donghu Ruigu of Shenyang

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       The Donghu Ruigu Project is located between the second ring and third ring of Dadong District of Shenyang and in the central region of Shenyang Motor City and covers a total area of 7.22 km2. Taking becoming a model for sponge city, a good example for new industry zone, classical project for intelligent habitation and demonstration for PPP project as four major objectives, the planning aims to create a space structure of “one garden and three zones” and the function products of “five major sections”. “One garden” herein refers to the charismatic motor sports theme park formed based on the reservoir and forest and other natural resources by presenting the three major themes of health, ecology and motor. “Three zones” refer to the three city construction zones around the motor sports theme park, including the waterfront habitation zone featuring the waterscape and the symbolic financial and commercial center, the culture and sport ecological zone featuring the exhibition of motor culture and ecological and suitable residence, as well as the vigorous leisure zone featuring cultural vitality and commercial experience. “Five major sections” refer to the motor culture theme community, motor financial and commercial center, motor R&D and innovation base, motor culture and sports center and the motor sport theme park.


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