Warm and Characteristic Town of Qiaowei, Gangnan District, Guigang City

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      The characteristic town in Qiaowei is included in the list of the second-batch national characteristic towns announced by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. Qiaowei Town is one of four famous towns in Guangxi and an important base for national eiderdown processing and production of Chinese herbal medicines. It is conferred such titles as “Town of eiderdown in China”, “National Key Town” and so on. The town is located in Gangnan District, Guigang City, 29 km away from the downtown; and it is the southern traffic hub of Guigang City, enjoying convenient traffic conditions. The planned area of the town is 3 sq.km including the new zone of 1 sq.km, and its population reaches 30,000.
The town is positioned as “the innovative and R&D base of national eiderdown processing, key trade town in Guangxi and famous town for recreational wellness and tourism”. Its planning is made at the following four levels:
1、At the overall level of the town, the plan divides the town into six major functional areas, i.e. the characteristic town in Qiaowei, selenium health field, four-season flower field, forest sightseeing area, waterscape area, and hot spring recreation area, and builds two kinds of ecological leisure belts including the leisure belt for warm village and landscape belt for mountain and water, while comprehensively taking the industrial development, construction of beautiful countryside as well as ecological protection and utilization into account.
2、At the center level of the town, the plan adopts the “1+X” model in which the construction of beautiful countryside is driven by characteristic towns and deploys 11 characteristic functional zones and 5 themed beautiful countryside clusters;
3、At the core level, the plan defines the core area of the characteristic town of 3.3 sq.km and divides it into 8 functional zones, aiming to realize the five objectives of the street space with distinctive features, industrial mode with diverse and composite functions, improved and convenient service facilities, comfortable living environment and green park integrating sceneries of the town.
4、At the new construction level, the new area is located in the north of the old town and totally occupies 1.05 sq.km. It is an integral part of the town’s core area. The plan, based on regional demands and characteristics, aims to build the new area of Qiaowei into the engine driving development of the down feather industry and the window for displaying Hakka culture. The core planning strategy it adopts is connecting the waterfront areas by means of building green networks, inheriting cultural characteristics while improving display systems, promoting industrial upgrading by means of industry-research integrated development and creating comfortable environments while enhancing the waterfront areas of road networks.


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