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UIBE Research Center for Chinese Film and Television Industry

UIBE Research Center for Chinese Film and Television Industry

The first Chinese enterprise that integrates the cultural industry and recreation industry. It aims to enhance its leading position

      The Research Center for Chinese Film and Television Industry is a high-end research institution in the film & TV industry that is jointly initiated by the EMBA Center of Business School, China TV Drama Production Industry Association, China Television Director Committee, China Screenwriter Committee, Actors Committee of China Television Artists Association and Chinese Film Distribution and Screening Association. Through combining intellectual resources of various initiators, research institutions in the industry and listed companies, the Center seeks to lead the film &TV industry in terms of research and consulting services and make contribution to the sustainable and sound development of China’s film & TV industry in line with international standards.

Research fields:

1.Annual reports of China’s film & TV industry (Sections of industrial development, listed companies, industrial M&A, and research and exploration);

2.Development strategy and capital operation consulting of small and medium film & TV enterprises;

3.Profit risk control of film & TV projects;

4.Studio operation consulting and training of main film & TV creative personnel;

5.Research on the terminal data of box office and audience ratings of the film & TV industry;


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