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Beijing Orient Landscape Co., Ltd.

Beijing Orient Landscape Co., Ltd.

The first investment platform in China that is deployed around the great ecological industrial circle and provides comprehensive services

      Founded in 1992, Beijing Orient Landscape Co., Ltd (“Orient Landscape”) has developed against ups and downs in past 25 years and it landed on Shenzhen A-share (002310) on November 27, 2009. 

     During its development course for 25 years, Orient Landscape has depicted numerous magnificent pictures in China. For example, it built the 100 most beautiful parks in 100 cities in 25 years; made 100 rivers clean and beautiful by implementing the governance concept of “three-in-one” (water resources, water environment and waterscape) +water services in 8 years; concluded agreements with 100 universal tourism cities to build the most ecological and sustainable universal tourism demonstration zones in 5 years; made deployments for disposal of 100 million tons of hazardous waste to control the most dangerous source in 4 years; and promoted 100 natural conservation projects through the Qiaonv Foundation engaged in promoting biodiversity protection in 3 years……

   To echo the construction of “Beautiful China”, Orient Landscape, based on past development, reconstructs the world’s largest ecological group and forms the operational framework with synergistic effect among five groups(the Environmental Group, Cultural Tourism Group, Ecological Group, Health Group and Environmental Protection Group) and one public welfare foundation(Qiaonv Foundation) through relying on the world’s top ecological design teams and over 6000 operational teams of the ecological industry with strong strengths. The company adheres to the five-in-one ecological service and operation concept (universal tourism, universal health, universal ecology, universal landscape, universal operation) and embarks on a brand new journey. 

Orient Landscape will uphold the new historical mission of “caring for the earth and respecting the nature” and seek to improve the water and air environment and create the natural, happy and healthy life.


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