Landscape design of underground space engineering ground plaza of Central Business District of southern Changchun City Economic Development Zone

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       Changchun CBD Plaza is located in the Central Business District of southern City Economic Development Zone in Changchun City, from Yiwu Road in the east to Qishiliu Road in the west and from Yiqi Road to the intersection of Binsishijiu Road, Renmin Street and Gold Belt in the south, with a total area of about 60,903 square meters. The Plaza adopts “Ecology and Future” as the design theme, connects the “one mile of Galaxy” in the west-east direction to create a Galaxy light axis plaza and plants trees in the south-north direction to build the city green undergrowth space and form a urban forest; arranges the cassette-type function landscape combined with raised facilities; guides the flow of people through green spaces and forms the centripetal connection between the perimeter and the Plaza. It forms a spatial structure of “two axes, one center and four areas” which solves the existing problems while creating a city-level plaza with rich features and diverse landscapes.


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