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Ling Feng

Top-level innovative project architects, planners, urban designers, innovative education courses, and a wealth of top-level design experience for major urban projects.


Course Professor of School of Urban Design, Central Academy of Fine Arts; Vice President of the Academy of Urban Design and Innovation of the Central Academy of Fine Arts; Chairman of Beijing Jinnang Advertising Co., Ltd.; Chief Design and Executive Dean of Urban Design and Research Institute, Beijing Jinnang Advertising Co., Ltd.; Urban advisory agency and chief planner of Beijing Jinnang Advertising Co., Ltd..


He has been engaged in long-term research and consulting and design projects in core areas of various cities, and continues to start a business. He has comprehensive integration capacibilities including overall planning, design of schemes, and investment coordination, and has rich overall experience and top social resources to promote implementation of urban strategic projects; he is good at early diagnosis, formulation of schemes and implementation methods, planning and top-level design of key government projects, technology and industrial parks, and cultural parks; he is able to provide professional control and assistance for the  government in terms of investment financing, investment promotion, operational management and operation, thus helping create a unique and charming city.


Main experience:

Major Orientation:

1. Overall consulting and planning of urban top-level innovation, top-level design and architecture;

2. Diagnosis, opportunity identification and design of urban strategic issues;

3. Consultant for urban industrial innovation and upgrading planning;

4. Consultation on planning of improving the quality of the core area of urban science and technology and industrial parks;

5. Research and design of urban land efficiency and planning construction;

6. Urban culture and creative design consultant;

7. Urban investment and financing planning and design consultant;

8. Urban marketing public relations, advertising and graphic, image, multimedia design;

9. Innovative education theory and practical application.


Academic theoretical research and professional education direction:

1. Innovation-driven urban development system, and innovation in education-industry-research sources;

2. Innovation-driven urban design systematics;

3. Creative Management;

4. Research on Mobile City;

5. Creative research on intellectuality.


Part of the planning and design projects led by him:

1. Conceptual Design of Beijing City Sub-center CASPO Strategic Development 2016-2017;

2. Overall Planning, Conceptual Design and Investment Operation of Independent Innovation City Project in Zhongshan Bay, Cuiheng New District, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province 2012;

3. Pre-planning, marketing, public relations, sales, foreign market development, investment and financing and strategy of Beijing Headquarters Base 2003-2005;

4. Beijing Shunyi Housha Innovation City 2016-2017;

5. Sanguo Mass Entrepreneurship City of Chengdu Wuhou District and Qingshui Financial Innovation Town 2017;

6. Xiamen Maluan Bay World Mass Entrepreneurship City 2015;

7. Overall Planning and Conceptual Design of Qingdao International Education-Industry-Research Innovation Financial Coast Development System 2013;

8. Research on Development and Investment of the Core Area of Fujian Zhangzhou High-tech Development Zone 2012/12-14/12;

9. Strategic Planning and Conceptual Design for the Overall Development of China Power Valley and Innovation Driven Pilot City in Zhuzhou City 2016;

10. Strategic Planning and Conceptual Design for the Core Area of Zhuzhou Yunlong New City 2015;

11. Conceptual Design and Pomotion of Participation in 2019 World Horticultural Exposition of Beijing Yanqing 2014/06-09;

12. Annual Consultancy Service of Longjiang Town Government, Shunde, Guangdong 2013/03-14/05.


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