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Wu Gangfang

Dean of the China Horse Culture Sports Tourism Planning Institute, a person loves horses. He is good at planning and executing the horse financing related projects for whole process of investment and financing.


Dean of China Horse Culture Sports Tourism Planning Institute; founder of China Equestrian Network – Horse Friends Union, chief editor of the website.

He graduated from Wuhan University in 1995 with a bachelor's degree in law and economics. In September 1995, he took the work, postgraduate degree, and medium-grade professional title of radio and television editor.

Main Experiences:

1995-1998, The editor of the theoretical program of the Department of Education of Wuhan People's Broadcasting Station.

1998-2001, Served as Director of the Program Department of Wuhan Traffic Radio and Director of the Advertising Department.

2002-2005, President of Xingmei Media Group Operations Management Headquarters, concurrently served as CEO of Sunshine TV, General Manager of Feiteng Film and Television Base, and General Manager of Xingmei Film & TV Culture Co., Ltd.

Since its establishment in 2005, China Equestrian Net has become China's largest equestrian theme network community and equestrian information platform, bringing together 470,000 equestrian enthusiasts nationwide.

Technical officer of the 2008 Beijing Olympics equestrian competition , participating in the organization and ruling of the Beijing Olympics equestrian events.

Since 2008, he has been responsible for the planning and organization of more than 400 international and domestic events and equestrian festivals such as the 2nd "Beijing Equestrian Culture Festival" and the international equestrian performance feast, "China Madu Grand Horse", "Weifang Coastal International Equestrian Cultural Festival" and large-scale equestrian performances; introduced the FEI International Equestrian Endurance Competition Rules, and organized more than 100 events in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other regions of the country, laying the foundation for the modern Chinese equestrian endurance race.

Since 2005, he has personally initiated the organization of "Chinese Horseback Cultural Tourism Expedition", organized a "150-kilometer horse-riding crossing of China's Mayou Guanting Reservoir" for ten consecutive years, launched the horse riding adventure in Kanas, riding jade culture tour in Manas as well as “Re-walking Lock Road" Muli to Daocheng Aden's horse-riding adventure, totalling more than 1,000; "Horse-toothed Olympics" Beijing-London horse-riding activities; "World Environment Day: Horseback riding to work ", received response from 34 cities and more than 1,000 people rode on horseback.

In August 2009, he participated in the Xilin Gol International Equestrian Endurance Race (one star, 80 kilometers) and became the runner-up.

In 2013, he participated in the FEI International Equestrian Endurance Competition (one-star, 89 km) held in Brittania, France, and won the fifth place.

Since 2010, he has presided over or participated in the pre-business planning, planning and design, technical support and network promotion of investment projects such as equestrian clubs, equestrian parks and horse culture towns of more than 100 local governments and enterprises. The White Paper on Equestrian Culture Industry and participate in the formulation of relevant industry standards.

In June 2017, the Ministry of Culture's Art Development Center established the China Horse Culture Movement, Tourism Planning and Research Institute, and served as Dean.

In September 2017, as the representative of China, he participated in the FITE World Congress for the first time and promoted China's formal participation in the International Equestrian Tourism Federation (FITE).


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