Conceptual Planning and Urban Overall Design of Dongying Automobile Town

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      In Dongying, the rivers co-exist with the sea and the national yellow and blue strategies gather together. It is reputed as the City of Oil and Famous Wetland City. The project is closely adjacent to the downtown of Dongying and is positioned as the largest auto trade gathering area in the Yellow River Delta, with a planning area of about 5 The project ranked the first in the bidding organized by the government.
The project adheres to the general principle of positioning from the high starting point, planning in accordance with high standards and delivery of high-quality buildings, as well as the development model combining industrial development and urbanization. Led by the auto trade and sports culture and guided by the consumption hotspots and regional characteristics of the automobile service industry, the project will prioritize the development of the automobile display transactions, automobile post-market transaction services, automotive post-market technological innovation, automobile plaza, automobile cultural tourism, public services, commercial supporting facilities and other related industries, so as to establish a whole-chain industrial system for the automobile service industry. It will lead the new automobile consumption trend, display the automobile highlights and provide the automobile cultural experience as well as the automobile leisure and entertainment life experience, so as to realize integrated development of the automobile eco-industry, eco-tourism and ecological livability. Through building the well-known comprehensive trade recreational town with the automobile service industry as the core and the important base for leisure, tourism and holidays in surrounding areas, the plan seeks to promote the steady growth of the residential and employment population of the town, organically integrate the automobile industry with the ecology and life and develop this area into an important economic growth point, a leading area for innovation, a holy area of automobile culture and a recreational tourism center in Dongying.


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